BILT Essential Elements

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BILT Essential Elements

BILT Employer Characteristics

Employer Partners on a BILT…

  • CO-LEAD a single educational program and HELP STEER curriculum decisions
  • CONVENE often – at least 3 times/year
  • INVITE faculty to attend BILT meetings as active listeners
  • SHARE perspectives on future industry trends
  • ANNUALLY VOTE and PRIORITIZE entry-level job KSAs using a structured, repeatable process for a single program
  • DEPEND ON faculty to map prioritized KSAs to curriculum to identify gaps
  • REVIEW feedback on curriculum improvements reflecting BILT-prioritized KSAs and PROBLEM-SOLVE implementation challenges


Benefits of BILT Approach

A 2021 study conducted by the Center for Occupational Research and Development and Social Policy Research Associates sought to better understand how employer engagement, including the BILT model, impacts the development of career pathways.

The study report, A Look at Partnerships Between Employers and Community and Technical Colleges: Observations and Recommendations, offer insights for practitioners and highlights outcomes of the BILT model.


Employer engagement study document        Giving Employers a Voice cover