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FAQ’s About the BILT Academy

When will the application for the next BILT Academy cohort be released? 

What are time commitments for the BILT Academy?

What roles from education and industry need to be on my college team? How many are on a college team?

FAQ’s About the BILT Model

What it is – What it isn’t

It is not an Advisory Council, but an existing advisory council may serve as the foundation to start a BILT.

Are there “term limits” for BILT members?

No, there are not. There are BILT members who have been actively involved for 20+ years. As the depth of their experience with a BILT increases, they’re increasingly better equipped to serve and support their BILT team. 

Attrition will naturally filter those who are no longer engaged whether they’ve moved on to another company, changed positions, retired, or some other event that alters their course with a BILT.

Are there any programs that have proven to NOT be a good match for BILT?

What is the time commitment for industry people for a foundational BILT? Should we give all of this information up front when recruiting?

  • There is a one-time summer meeting to establish the foundational BILT.
  • Then most colleges have 3 meetings per year:
    • A KSA Mtg
    • Feedback Meeting
    • Trends Meeting
  • Most are 6 or fewer hours per year. Coming to the KSA Analysis is very important.

Is it difficult to get subject matter experts to join the BILT the team? I’ve collaborated with representatives at different companies who were not the experts, but it was their role to be the liaison with councils that had higher-ed participation.

There companies that I feel very comfortable reaching out because there’s prior relationships. But then there are others where there really no relationships. What are strategies that you would recommend for reaching out to companies that we both the college or faculty have no relationships with?